Our team

Nontharos “Nan” Kiatwisanchai founded Thailand Secret Tour in 2013. She is a native Thai, who has been exploring the world outside her homeland for many years. Her favorite part in traveling is to search for secret hidden places and soon to be forgotten neighborhoods. She noticed that nowadays travelers like to search for places where they can experience the authentic local lifestyles and everyday life activities and interact with the local people more than just visiting the tourist attraction sights and then fly back to home.

She thinks that not only Thailand Secret Tour gives a new perspective to traveling, but it also promotes and preserves the old and rich cultures in the small communities, the authentic atmosphere of the places and the local ways of living.

“I would like to preserve and maintain the richness of the Thai culture, Thai's generosity, way of living, natural wonders and Thai folk wisdom as long as possible BEFORE everything will be lost, forgotten and gradually replaced by the modern ways of living and the surrounding of the concrete buildings like in anywhere else around the world.”


Pusanisa “Note” Boriraj, received her professional tour guide certificate from Phitsanulok University. She is a truly professional licensed English language tour guide. With her international study background and working experience in tourism, Note is a competent tour guide of Thailand Secret Tour with great knowledge about Thailand, Thai culture and Thai ways. She receives high rating and excellent feedback from our guests. She will encourage and bring you to experience a truly local Thai culture and its people.

“ I am so delight and happy every time I take my guests out to visit the truly local places, to try many different local cuisines and snacks, and to share the knowledge about Thai culture. It always gives me a very positive energy when I see my guests are happy. I just love what I do. ”

Principles & values


Thailand Secret Tour is founded on two principles:

First, we provide the unique tour experiences to our travelers to get known with the many sides of Thai people, Thai culture and Thailand. Our tour destinations are very little known and many of them may be soon to be lost. See and experience them with us before it's too late! We would like our “Off the beaten tracks” to be one of the most memorable tours you've ever had.

Second, we support the local communities and activate them through the visit by international guests. Therefore, your visits are very valuable for the local communities for them to gain attention and realize their own value. Our Thai journalist friend used to say that “Many times we have to borrow interest of the visitors to re-cultivate the understanding and the appreciation of our own root”, which we completely agree and that is what our tours are exactly for.


  1. We value the educational information. All of our tours are educational and informative touring experiences. Our staff are well trained to provide our travelers in-depth knowledge about the tour destinations.
  2. We value the local way of living. Instead of searching for the modern, clean, and luxury, Thailand Secret Tour seeks for the true identity of the sites, the communities and their people's way of living, beliefs and sub-cultures.
  3. Licensed English speaking tour guides. We only work with the licensed English speaking tour guides who have international study degrees. Our travelers can be certain of the effective communication of our tours.
  4. We value safety. We constantly seek ways to ensure and improve safety of our travellers.
  5. We support environmentally friendly practices. We keep the places clean we visit and support the low carbon practices. For example, we use public transportation whenever possible.
  6. We are vegetarian friendly. Our tours offer a vegetarian meal option to our travellers.